How cute: two animals love their green ball

Why does it have to be a green ball? Only these two funny animals could answer that themselves. In their little game videos, they show why this toy is their absolute favorite. How cute: Two animals love their green ball - Image: Youtube / sandonabeachbythesea

1. Ball fun with a cute dog

The first little guy who's blown away by his green ball is a young corgi. Of course, you could also put your enthusiasm on the fact that this dog breed is a huge fan of fun in any way anyway. But nevertheless: the ball seems to be something very special.

2. Parakeets also like to play with (green) balls

This funny birdie keeps the pace running after him, rolls it and is visibly enthusiastic about his favorite toy. Fortunately, if you are worried that you are doing this out of boredom, you can rest assured that you have a lot of playmates with whom you can flutter around if ball games get boring!

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