Dangerous disease tetanus: Rocky's story of suffering

When you see the beautiful Rocky today, you can hardly believe that he fought for his life just a few weeks ago: he had become infected with the dangerous disease tetanus. In order to educate other dog owners about the disease, its owner asked us to tell Rocky's story. And then: Rocky's first chewing bone. What a beautiful picture - Picture: / Sandra Wagner

Rocky fights after his tetanus infection. He cannot eat while standing. - Image: / Sandra Wagner

Tetanus is so rare in dogs that it is usually neither vaccinated against it nor adequately informed about it. But if the disease occurs first and is recognized too late, it can be fatal. In our Tetanus guide for dogs you will find helpful tips on how to be sensitive and attentive to the disease and to save your loved one a fate like that of Rocky.

For the four-year-old Rocky, it all started with a small, undetected wound in the mouth that caused the serious illness. During a Frisbee game, its owner quickly noticed that something was wrong with him: he did not catch the disc and did not find it on the lawn, and the dog squinted. The vet, however, could not find anything and sends the two home.

Aggravation of symptoms: no rescue for Rocky?

Rocky's condition then deteriorated increasingly: he looked anxious, disoriented and overpowered, and he constantly crawled away. Alarmed, Rocky's owner contacted various veterinary clinics and did not give up hope of finding someone who could help their beloved dog.

Finally found what he was now stiff dog, who was suffering from shortness of breath and could no longer eat alone, was finally diagnosed with tetanus - and thus began a week-long fight against the disease.

Rocky's treatment in the veterinary clinic

Drug treatment and feeding from the syringe should help the critically ill animal. After all the bad news, the first glimmer of hope: "Rocky is the same as this morning," wrote the owner on her website. "With one difference: it closes its eyes when it is scratched on the ear."

After many days in the clinic, Rocky's owners reported not only courageous donations for the high costs, but also small successes. Rocky was able to lift his head a little higher, wagged his tail and seemed to be hungry again. In addition, his stiff hind legs started to loosen up somewhat thanks to muscle relaxants.

Rocky is allowed to go home

Eventually, Rocky's condition improved so much that he was allowed to go home to continue his healing process in a familiar environment. From this point on, his owner reported weekly on the condition of her dog until finally the redemptive message from the veterinarian comes: All blood values ​​are in the normal range.

Rocky is not quite the old man, however. He has had problems with the warm temperatures since the illness, his owner tells us and some nerve disorders can still be observed. We wish Rocky that he will soon be fully recovered and that his brave owner will be very successful in helping other people with the disease.

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