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How useful is cat insurance?

Liability and health insurance for people is not only useful, but also necessary. But what about insurance for cats? There are various cat insurance policies such as animal liability or cat health insurance - here you will find some information on the subject. Cat insurance: when are they useful? - Image: Shutterstock / Daniel Rajszczak

Possible cat insurance policies include liability and cat health insurance. The former is responsible for property damage and personal injury for which your room tiger is responsible. The latter relates to the assumption of medical, treatment and operating costs.

Of course, the benefits of the individual cat insurance policies depend on the respective provider and can vary considerably. The same applies to the costs.

Does animal liability in a cat make sense?

Animal liability insurance is primarily used to cover third-party claims and relates to property damage and personal injury caused by an animal. Such insurance makes sense for dogs as they are capable of causing greater damage, such as traffic accidents. But cat owners should think this step through carefully.

After all, cats are not known to cause major damage to property or to injure people so severely that they require expensive treatment. Animal liability insurance is therefore superfluous as long as your cat is not an adult lion.

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Cat health insurance makes limited sense

There are usually two types of cat health insurance - there is surgery insurance and full insurance. Both cover the costs of an absolutely necessary surgical intervention, whereby the full insurance also covers outpatient and inpatient interventions as well as medication and laboratory costs.

Where surgery insurance still makes sense in some cases and can be obtained for just five euros a month, full insurance for cats makes no sense. “Stiftung Warentest” found in an investigation in 2011 that these cat insurance policies are simply too expensive and not profitable.