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Ten black kittens to fall in love with

Black cats bring bad luck? Certainly not these cute kittens! Funny looking out of the bucket: Black kittens can do that too well! - Image: Shutterstock / Jeff Thrower Small, cheeky and adventurous: black kitten enjoys its free time - Image: Shutterstock / Zelenenka Yuliia Packed in a basket to take away: Black kitten - Image: Shutterstock / LacoKozyna First trip? Black kitten gets to know her surroundings - Image: Shutterstock / cynoclub Huch: Of course, this black kitten doesn't belong in there. But it's still cute - Image: Shutterstock / Tony Campbell Two black kittens to fall in love with - Image: Shutterstock / AnnaIA And off into the leaves! Black kitten in autumn mood - Image: Shutterstock / Tony Campbell This cute black baby cat is definitely going to be really fluffy - Image: Shutterstock / MaraZe

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  • person

    15-07-2015 13:07:14

    JasminKral: Ur sweet Report abuse
  • 19-03-2014 18:03:11

    gabiludwig77: I really want a black kitten !!! Report abuse
  • 19-03-2014 11:03:51

    fatimaauer: Would take one, but already have 2 cat girls :-) Report abuse
  • 18-03-2014 08:03:24

    sabinerutzel: I would take it immediately. Report abuse
  • person

    01-02-2014 21:02:46

    birgitwilhelm33: But this is not a black baby, but a tortoise shell report abuse
  • 28-07-2013 14:07:44

    sandrasonnack9: Oha is die schön *. * Report abuse
  • person

    13-06-2013 21:06:34

    gertiehenn: two years ago I got a black cat.snoopy, bella was added just under a year ago, she didn't want her people anymore.available steriliesirt.hac, I've been seeing this for seven weeks. he is gone too, but no one wants the girls. not because of the color, no because of the costs. sad but true. they are so cute ... all black by the way. and not from snoopy, because he is neutered. Report abuse
  • 05-05-2013 00:05:09

    yasminescheuer: sweet !!! : P Report abuse
  • 25-04-2013 17:04:40

    sabinebadermann: how to report my püppi abuse
  • 25-04-2013 17:04:50

    sabinebadermann: so sweet report abuse
  • 25-04-2013 17:04:45

    renatepalm54: I love black kittens ... have a black myself :) Report abuse
  • 20-04-2013 18:04:19

    mfrommherz: is the cute :-) Report abuse