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Dog driving license: requirements for the owner

The dog driving license was developed to ensure that dog owners can document their knowledge of dealing with dogs. He also certifies that humans have brought up their dog well and that the dog poses no danger to the environment. The requirements for the owner and owner during the test are shown here. The dog driving license places different demands on the owner - Image: Shutterstock / Yuri Arcurs

Requirements on the owner

In the dog driving license exam, the requirements for the owner are limited to these three areas: checking the theoretical knowledge about dogs, checking the human-dog relationship and checking the owner and dog in everyday situations.

The theoretical test

During the theoretical examination for a dog handler license, your knowledge of dogs will be asked in writing. You must correctly answer multiple-choice questions from the following areas in order to be admitted to the practical exam.

  • Dog and law
  • Dog behavior
  • The dog owner in public
  • Entertainment / care / health / nutrition
  • Puppy buying and breeding
  • Learning behavior of the dog
  • Human-dog relationship
  • Aid in dog training

The practical exam

For the practical test, you should train with your dog beforehand. It is important that you can convey the required commands safely so that your four-legged friend can clearly understand you during the exam. Your instructions for the exercises, such as sitting! and space! your dog should know and be able to implement before the exam.

Aids are allowed

Certain aids are allowed in the dog driving license exam. You can of course give both audio and visual signals. You can also bring a lockable collar or a band with pull stop, harness, a leash and your dog whistle. The use of toys and treats is also allowed, as is stroking or praising during the exercises.

Don't forget these documents

The requirements for the owner and owner for the dog driving license examination also include that the necessary documents and documents are compiled. In any case, bring your ID card, your companion's pet or vaccination card as well as the liability insurance certificate and of course the registration confirmation.

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