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French bulldog makes on wild boar mom

A hunter's tragic mistake separated the six cute youngsters from their wild boar mom. After all, the cute little pigs were lucky and the Gnadenhof Lehnitz near Berlin took in the animal orphans. There, with the bulldog lady "Baby", a loving substitute mother is waiting for her.

About a year ago, a hunter presumably illegally shot the youngsters' mother and apparently left the boys helpless. A tragic story that should at least get a happy twist. Because a dog lady should make sure that the former youngsters are doing fine again today. They were happily handed over to a private forest, where they are safe from irresponsible hunters. The wild boars owe their luck to the French bulldog "Baby".

French bulldog as "senior mom"

The animal keeper Norbert Damm from Gnadenhof Lehnitz describes Bulldog "Baby" as "Obermama". Because the dog with the strong mother instinct takes care of almost every helpless animal. She had previously adopted kittens and looked after raccoons until she took care of the newborns. Again proof of how limitless love among animals can be.

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