Crufts in Birmingham: The World's Greatest Dog Show

From March 7th to 10th the dog show Crufts took place in Birmingham. The event is the largest of its kind. The focus of the event this year was once again on professional breeding. The Crufts dog show and its winners - Image: 2013 Facebook / Crufts

The Crufts dog show has a long history. The dog show was first held in 1886. Even then, over 600 dog owners took part with their four-legged friends. In the meantime, the event has blossomed into the largest dog show in the world and tens of thousands of four-legged friends were shown at the event in Great Britain.

Professional breeding is the focus of the dog show

In contrast to the Westminster Dog Show in New York, Crufts is more serious. The focus is not on the unnatural and sometimes cruel styling of animals, but on professional breeding, and great value is placed on ensuring that the dogs are healthy and not overbred. In this regard, independent veterinarians were even introduced for review in 2012. The first place at the breed show is considered the highest award ever in the breeding scene.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen awarded for best dog

This year, the Pet Show Basset Griffon Vendéen named Jilly, a small French hunting and family dog, won the dog show Crufts. Also in the shortlist were a Skye Terrier, a Labrador Retriever, an Australian Shepherd and a King Charles Spaniel. Another star that showed up at Crufts was the Chinese crested dog Mugly. But unlike Jilly, this four-legged friend's hobbyhorse is the funny factor: last year he was chosen as the ugliest dog in the world. Incidentally, the prize in the "Friends for Life" category was awarded to Owen and his three-legged dog Haatchi.