Funny cat: "Knock knock, could I possibly enter?"

This cat is just too cute. Instead of knocking on the door with the front paws or sliding it open, the supple velvet paw has its own trick in store to signal that it wants to enter: just hammer the door paws against the door!

Most animal lovers should feel reminded of Bambi knockers in this film. The cute cat from the video appears to have seen the Disney film too. Similarly, the four-legged friend makes funny movements with the hind paws. Here, however, the fidget exercise has a deeper meaning. At the end of the video, the knocking signs are heard and the door opens - because of breadless art.

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  • person

    20-03-2013 21:03:00

    sabrinadres: hahaha there are really funny cats! I agree! My cat does not report abuse
  • 19-03-2013 11:03:54

    jessikaeichel: HAHAHA there are really funny cats! Mine sometimes does really funny things, but she can't do that yet. I'm also very happy! Report abuse