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(Un) happy birthday: Grumpy Cat has a birthday

Who would have thought: Grumpy Cat has a birthday and will be exactly one year old today on April 4th. No reason to celebrate for the "bad-tempered" cat.

How fast time goes by. Exactly a year ago, Grumpy Cat saw a very special velvet paw. Your trademark: the always bad mood. In the meantime, the cat, which actually goes by the name of Tardar Sauce, is known worldwide and perhaps the most famous cat in the world, which is mainly due to the high popularity on Facebook and Youtube. Grumpy Cat is now celebrating its birthday - and can look back on an eventful year.

Grumpy Cat: Cat of the Year 2012 and advertising star

Last year Grumpy Cat was voted the most important cat of 2012 for her grim appearance, which is admittedly really funny. Like all celebrities, Grumpy Cat has recently appeared on television - at least in the United States. A few weeks ago, the cat made its first commercials for the animal feed manufacturer Friskies. With all the hype, however, there are increasingly critical voices from the animal rights activists' camp.

Happy birthday

We can only hope that Grumpy Cat will also come to rest in her second year of life because the fluffy four-legged friend sometimes just wants to be a normal cat. The team from says "Happy Birthday" and wishes Grumpy Cat only the best for his birthday - sorry: we of course meant only the "worst".