Monkeys and alcohol frenzy: well get it!

Painting monkeys, doing sports, playing with tablet PCs, building tools, having a pronounced social behavior and looking back on a long tradition of drinking alcohol: monkeys are like us humans! Chimpanzee is eating a fruit. Fermented specimens contain ethanol - Image: Shutterstock / Sam DCruz

The monkey is our most immediate relative. Scientists today assume that between 96 and 99 percent of a chimpanzee's genes are identical to those of humans. For all those who do not want to claim such a similarity to the primates for themselves, the latest research results should set in motion perhaps the most far-reaching humanization of apes.

Monkeys are said to have been addicted to alcohol for millions of years

A new study by the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville, USA found that urefs, the ancestors of chimpanzees, gorillas and humans, were anything but averse to a well-kept high 10 million years ago. True to the motto: The apple does not fall far from the head?

The monkey laughs at me: climbing portrait in portrait

Genetic code reveals alcohol consumption in monkeys

To find out, the research team led by chemist Steven Benner compared the genetic code of extinct specimens with that of 27 primates today, reports the news portal "". And lo and behold: Already primates developed the ability to break down ethanol. What means a strong sip from the pulp for us was a relentless grab for fermented fruits. This behavior is still observed in the wild among chimpanzees and gorillas.

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