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Dog training with Clicker: how it works!

Dog training with Clicker differs from many other training methods because it uses only the reward principle. Desired behavior is rewarded with a click sound, so your dog willingly and happily repeat it. Dog training with Clicker is a good start for a harmonious relationship - Image: Shutterstock / eurobanks

Instead of punishing the dog if he did something wrong, the focus of dog training with Clicker is on rewarding correct behavior: if your dog walks, fetches the stick or stops barking, there is a reward. The so-called clicker is used because the four-legged friends do not always understand verbal praise correctly and constant giving of treats is not necessarily healthy. The clicker model gives a short "click clack" as a reward.

From a simple click to a reward

In order for this principle to work in dog training with Clicker, you must establish the click as a reward. That means: If your loyal companion does something right, he will also hear the click sound as a treat - and will ultimately interpret the sound alone as a reward.

This is because something pleasant always happens for him when he hears the click sound. This principle is called positive reinforcement and is based on classic conditioning. Later, you can even praise your dog from a distance without yelling or throwing treats at them. And that is exactly the advantage of clicker training with dogs.

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Use dog training with clicker correctly

So that your dog knows which behavior he is rewarded for, the reward must be given directly after the desired behavior. A little later, he no longer knows what he was rewarded for. Dog training with Clicker enables you to praise correct behavior easily and immediately - even when your dog is not right next to you.

So it's all about timing. If you are late, he is likely to misunderstand the praise. So that you do not make such mistakes, it is best to learn dog training with Clicker from someone who is already experienced in it. In addition, the practical click sound can of course not replace a loving and patient dog training. As a supplement, for example to teach your dog tricks and to demand its intelligence, clicker training is wonderfully suitable.

In the following video you can see once again how dog training with the Clicker works: