Training tips for jogging with the dog

Before you go jogging with a dog, you should first make sure that it meets the health requirements. If this is the case, you can start training - very slowly and in peace. Jogging with the dog: Only when the basic commands are seated - Image: Shutterstock / Dirima

That your dog listens to you well is an important prerequisite for jogging, especially if he walks without a leash. The basic commands "Come", "Stay" and "On foot" should be firmly anchored in his educational repertoire and, of course, should also be followed when he is just starting to move or when he sees a rabbit in the distance.

Find a common pace in the first runs

Before you start walking, you should take a little walk with the dog - if he has to, he can do it in peace during this time. Now it is a matter of finding a common walking pace. If you have a dog that can and may walk without a leash, it can run in front of, alongside, or behind you at your pace and you have it easy. If he walks on a leash, the first experiment is whether you can jog alongside each other in peace without running too much or having to slow down. If you have a very large, long-legged dog, you may not find one and prefer to have it run on a bike instead of jogging. A small, not so sporty dog ​​is happy with your pace when you walk and is not suitable for jogging.

Little breaks and a lot of praise when jogging

Even a top-fit ​​dog first has to get used to jogging and come into training with small laps. Breaks in between and a lot of praise, if he does his job well, ensure that your four-legged friend has even more fun running. If everything goes well, you can slowly make the workout a little longer over the next few days. Breaks in between are well suited to let the dog enjoy what he is doing.

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