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Avoid sunstroke in cats: cool tips

A heat stroke is not the only danger lurking on cats in summer. Velvet paws must also be careful before a sunstroke. With simple measures you can support your fur noses with sun protection. Potted plants protect cats from sunstroke - Shutterstock / Keimpe Roedema

The sunstroke is rather rare compared to heat stroke in cats. With prolonged direct sunlight, however, the velvet paws still run the risk of catching a sunstroke. The heat builds up in the brain and leads to symptoms similar to those of a heat stroke - but the signs are less pronounced. Nevertheless, a sunstroke is dangerous.

Causes and warning signs of sunstroke

As a rule, cats are well protected from the sun's rays and sunstroke by their fur. However, if the sun shines on the head area for too long, there is a risk of fatal injury in the worst case. The Sphynx cat and other cat breeds without fur need particularly intensive protection from the sun's rays because they have no natural sun protection in the form of hair. As with humans, sunstroke in pets is due to the fact that exposure to the unprotected head for too long or too strong sun leads to an expansion of the brain. As a result, the meninges that lie beneath the top of the skull are irritated.

The skin of the person affected feels hot, and fever, vomiting, diarrhea and irregular breathing, including shortness of breath, can occur. The signs are often delayed until the cat is back in the house or in the shade. Overall, cats with sunstroke also look apathetic and flabby.

Protect cats from sun rays

Sphynx cats should ideally only be in the shade - make sure they are sufficiently cool and protected from the sun for the sensitive house tigers. Cats with fur usually find a shady, cool place on their own when it gets too hot while sunbathing.

Place a lot of plants, a parasol or an awning in your garden and on your balcony, so that the outdoors can look for protection there if necessary. You should also provide them with enough fresh water. If you take the cat to the vet or go on vacation in the sunshine, do not leave it in the car if you take breaks or run errands. Longer car trips without air conditioning should be avoided in the blazing sun as much as possible. If possible, move these into the evening.

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