Video tips: get the baby kitten used to the older cat

The fact that the two cats Cole and Marmalade are now a dream team does not mean that the introductory phase was not very exciting for them. Fortunately, their owners got used to them very carefully - how this worked, they show in this video.

If two cats are to get used to each other, there are a few things to consider. Using the example of the black tomcat Cole and the red shelter kitten Marmalade, their owners give a few helpful tips.

A kitten is moving in

1. Prepare a cat-friendly extra room for your new cat.

2. Get your old cat used to the smell of the new cat (for example with the transport box in which the newcomer was sitting).

3. Let the two sniff - but first through the closed door.

Get to know each other with a safe distance

4. Feed your cats on their side of the door so that they feel good about each other.

5. Let the two say hello to each other, the door may now be slightly open.

6. After about a week, you can very carefully start getting to know the two without a door.

Tips for the first encounters

7. Give the two toys to create common ground.

8. Praise your cats if they behave well and are friendly to one another so that they know that their good behavior is desirable.

9. Reward your old cat with treats to make them gracious to the guest and allow them (even if it is difficult) to show the newcomer that she is the boss, because the order of rank needs to be clarified once.

If everything goes well ...

10. Let the get-togethers of the two slowly get longer and longer.

11. If everything goes well, you can now let the kitten run freely in your house. Make sure that there are plenty of places to hide.

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