Interesting facts about the character of the domestic cat

Most cat breeds have particularly typical properties and a classic character. With the house cat, on the other hand, the new owner usually expects a colorful surprise with mixed traits. The character of the domestic cat can be very different - Image: Alexey U

First of all: There is no particularly typical character of a domestic cat. In contrast to the representatives of the cat breeds, the friendly velvet paw can show a wide variety of characteristics without belonging to a breed. One Ragdoll, for example, is often considered to be particularly good-natured, the Bengal as very spirited. And the domestic cat? Can be all of it.

Domestic cat: a freedom-loving contemporary

But most domestic cats have one thing in common: they are little adventurers and love freedom - after all, they come from the wild cat. If a posture with free access is not possible, you should at least have enough space to run around inside the apartment. The activity and the urge to move are different depending on the character of the domestic cat. It is difficult to say in general about this cat, which does not belong to a specific breed - she is an absolute individualist and has her own will.

Cute kittens with their bottle

The character of the velvet paws

The characteristics of the domestic cat can include many things: it can be shy or very clingy, cuddly or very cheeky. As independent as they may be: these petting tigers all need their pats - the relationship to "their" person is very important to them. They have been used to living with people for millennia. Her character is now conditioned on it.